Use the pattern above to get started today and show your little ones how to sew.

Need help? Just ask.

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Classes and events as the programs are developed will be posted.

So join in, join up and let's get started.



Remember how that journey of a thousand miles started.


I've not counted the words here but I hope the picture is clear.



                                           The Learning Tree

Let's sit in the Learning Tree, and show what we know.

 Branches are strong and resilient, and there is room in its heart for all, so come to the learning tree and answer the call. What have you been longing to learn? What have you always wished you could Do?
The older generations could be excellent instructors full of knowledge, and many have time on their hands. Their treasure trove of expertise and knowledge weighs heavily on their minds while contemplating what they might accomplish here now.
Retirement can be a lonely and sad proposition and full of memories of the joy of what you were able to create in your working life. If you look at life and the many needs around you, why not put yourself back to work as a mentor/counselor to others so desperately in need?
When you have had a rewarding life, The joy of giving back a little of what you gained is much higher than many things you will do and bring peace and confidence back to a failing society. The "Learning Tree" is ready, will the teachers appear?

Mary Russell
Copyright 2020






Join Us

It is not how much you share; it is that you share, be it as little as 1.00, one prayer, one note of confidence, or inspiration, of all these prayers, and the will to succeed will be needed.

In the battle of depression, inspiration is the cure. It is the motivation that lifts our wings and lets us sore to heights of unknown and new abilities to learn and keep growing stronger.

In that discovery, we find beauty, hope, charity, and a drive to carry on.


A desire to give from the overflow that comes from a satisfied, loving heart. These are the things money cannot buy.






The water of life's hopes and dreams will mature tiny seeds of inspiration to plant in little hearts and minds.


We welcome new ideas, new inspirations, and input. If you would like to help build beautiful fun groups, please join us, we look forward to your participation.






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