"Your Angel Tank " invites dedicated and motivated individuals that are interested in presenting opportunities to young people through life coaching techniques. 


These volunteers can be the difference between dramatic life experiences and future hopes, or a humdrum life without much to be excited and inspired about for some kids. Various simple lessons to show what young people will face in the future according to the daily choices they decide to make. 


Through the years, according to ages they reach, there will be many challenges and decisions on how to make the right choices. We can show them how and why to replace impulsive/compulsive/obsessive behaviors with corrected thinking and common sense.


When young people are presented with different choices and have contemplated ahead of time what their decisions should be for their best interest, they will lead happier, more productive lives.

  Volunteers that want to donate a little of their time to inspire Mothers and their kids from ages four, how to sew, how to design, and how to make various types of crafts will be much appreciated. 


For those that do not know how to sew, and design this will be a fun way to learn; after all, if four years old's can learn, no one else will have any problems.


I am inspired and intent on building these groups for the inspiration, enjoyment, and well being of children and their families.


When I was three and a half years old, my mother walked out and saw me scrubbing the spots off the steps with a doll dress. She said, "is that a doll dress I made for you? I looked up at her and said, "yes." She said, "Well if you get anymore, you will have to make them yourself." 


All I could think was, I can make a doll dress. I ran in and got a needle and spool of thread, and asked her to show me how to thread the needle. I had the needle in my hand, waving it around, saying, "Show me how to sew a doll dress." 


She took a piece of white fabric and folded it two times into a smaller rectangle. She cut a tiny, circle in the center of the corner fold for the neck opening, the pattern pictured on the website is on a one-inch grid marked cutting board that shows the basic shape and size that I first sewed, and it's on the classes link here.


Because I learned to sew, it inspired my life as I grew up, I always had something I could do and keep learning new things to make and this fired my ambition.


As a stay at home Mom many years after, I had a sewing and design studio that my husband added to our house, a home with an almost unbelievable, beautiful story where I made a good income and had many clients that became good friends. Best of all, my children were there, and I never needed a sitter.


 I would love to give back some of what I have received over the years, if possible.


Your Angel Tank would love volunteers; if anyone has an interest, please email, text, or call. No experience needed, but there will be training sessions available.


I look forward with excitement to the questions, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, inspirations, and or comments,


 "Without inspiration, life is dull." life without hope; the definition is devastating, read about dull at then join us here as volunteers to help make bright futures for the less fortunate among us, they also wait for you.

   Copyright 2019





Lord let me live each day by grace for Thee
In Thee may all who ask, find faith and charity
Lord from Thy holy throne look down and see
Thy children seek Thy Face, they wait for Thee


Lord make my life a fountain flowing

Waters of truth that come from Thee

Forever outward past my knowing
In other lives borne back to Thee


Lo many waits for freedom in Thy word proclaimed
By Thee, all things in heaven and earth are named
I must arise about Thy work to be
It may be that they also wait for me.


Mary Downing Sysk
Through Lips Of Clay, Copyright 1998

Mother of Mary Sysk Russell

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